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Latest Episodes – December 16, 2019

Conservative Party Leadership Candidates

Chris Carrier and Trent Gow talk about the future of the Federal Conservative Party and throw out a few names to be considered as possible candidates to replace outgoing leader Andrew Scheer.

United Kingdom – Boris Johnson and Brexit

Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson won in convincing fashion in the UK General Election. Chris Carrier and Trent Gow talk Brexit and what this victory means for the United Kingdom.

President Trump Impeachment Inquiry Update

Chris Carrier and Trent Gow discuss recent developments south of the border with regards to the impeachment inquiry against United States President Donald Trump.

Recent Episodes – December 6, 2019

The Throne Speech
Trent Gow and Chris Carrier share their thoughts following the December 5th Throne Speech. Spoiler alert … both commentators were not happy with what they heard.

South of the Border Update

Chris Carrier and Trent Gow take a look at the many story lines that have played out recently in the United States including ongoing President Trump impeachment discussions.

South Georgian Bay Collingwood – Wasaga Beach Update

Chris Carrier and Trent Gow take a look at recent developments including budget discussions in Collingwood and Wasaga Beach and the finish line is within sight of the Collingwood Judicial Inquiry.


Trudeau Falls Off The World Stage, again

Paul Richards is one Canadian who was embarrassed by the actions of our Prime Minister on the world stage recently. Gossiping about “The Donald” at a Buckingham Palace cocktail party … what was he thinking?


The Collingwood Judicial Inquiry is almost at the finish line. Paul Richards says we have heard the testimony from witnesses and after 61 days of hearings that began in mid-April, we await a final report … breathlessly? Perhaps.

Local Issues – Collingwood & Wasaga Beach
Chris Carrier and Trent Gow talk about local issues impacting residents of Collingwood and Wasaga Beach, including ongoing examples of shoreline damage caused by high water levels and fall storms.

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