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Politics has never been more unpredictable, more alarming or more interesting. Local issues including municipal elections, judicial inquiries, conflicts of interest, new schools and airport ownership are increasingly under-reported and misunderstood. Bigger and broader concerns such as sex education, pipelines, NAFTA, Brexit, Doug Ford, Donald Trump, and the spread of far-right and far-left populism are well covered by the national media but any accompanying commentary is devoid of local considerations and implications.

The list of challenging topics is constantly growing and changing and this in turn feeds a hunger by engaged citizens to know and understand what’s going on. And that’s where TalkingPOLITICS.ca podcasts come in. Serious times call for serious listening.

TalkingPOLITICS.ca podcasts provide a weekly guide to the politics and personalities governing our region, our nation and impacting the world. In an age of dizzying headlines at home and abroad, these political podcasts help an increasing number of listeners keep abreast of a fast-moving and sometimes overwhelming news cycle. Each half hour podcast takes several hot button issues and goes deep.

The conversation is freewheeling and spirited but in the best Canadian tradition it’s polite – no shouting and no insults – but there’s plenty of insight and nuance.

TalkingPOLITICS.ca podcasts distil everything you want to know into one manageable weekly catch-up, to be downloaded and listened to whenever you want: out for a run, in the car or over breakfast. They give you the listener back a sense of control over a news cycle that is beginning to feel overwhelming.

Give TalkingPOLITCS.ca podcasts a try.

You may agree or disagree or both – but we think that you will enjoy them.

Thanks for listening.

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